A primitive setup. Normally the 4-Ball Cross would be placed first on the Headspot, with the other balls placed pleasingly elsewhere on the table as per the Setup Rules and the Setup Captain's own artistic bent.
A fine group of Monkey Poolers. The various hats can be easily seen, though Dr. Jones (2nd from left) is obviously not partaking in the festivities, as he remains hatless. Remember that the Visor is the sole domain of the Judge or Judge's Assisstant.
Another photo from the early moments of Monkey Pool. Shown is the Frosty Bumper without his Bumping Apparatus! Also note the lack of Hats. Nonetheless, there is an intense air of concentration about the shot about to be made.
An action shot. Note the excitement and drama. Also note the Midget Frosty in the foreground, and the 4-Ball in position on the 1st Position Rail Spot in the extreme foreground. This game may soon be over.
A rather blurry shot showing the table layout and perhaps the Judge (on right, wearing Senior Judge Visor) placing the Elephant for a Doubling Round.
The Passing of the Hats. Having made a Scratch, the Offending Cue Ball is placed in the Offending Cue Ball Player's Hat and passed to the next eldest player. All Hats Rotate and the Offending Cue Ball continues its inning. Note the 4-Ball on 1st Position Rail Spot and 2 4-Balls in Cross Position.
A farewell to Monkey Pool. The look of joy and fulfilment on their faces is proof enough of the effecatious nature of Game. Game, Art Form or Religious Practice, it is certainly Fun For The Whole Family.
Fascinating Subtleties