The roots of Monkey Pool reach down into the fecundity and decay of the rotting hearts of yesteryears' diversions, the innocent games of youth which have been transmogrified into a grueling death-march, a pathetic echo of passions long since quenched by the cold waters of time and sorrow. The joy and laughter and creativity that gave birth to this art form have perhaps faded to memory, but the outer form, at least, remains with us.

The pool table came into the house, then the monkeys, then the elephants, and somewhere along the way there were hats piled on top of the lamp that hung quietly above the table. These alone would not have been enough, however, and so fate or destiny added extra pool balls. They appeared slowly, were found under tables, amidst the dusty dwellings of silverfish, or occasionally sitting quite calmly out in the open, appearing as if by magic. Eventually they numbered perhaps 17 in all. Seventeen extra pool balls. Of course it was the plethora of 4 balls which, being as purple as the monkeys that sat watching the endless chalking, breaking and pocketing, finally commingled within the braincases of several of the group one evening to congeal into what we now know as Monkey Pool. That was in December of 1999.

A primitive form of the game had been played years before, based on the motif of bumper pool, using the Monkeys as bumpers, to spice up what had become the bland dish of "regular" pool, but now, within the space of an evening or two, rules were written and rewritten, hats were passed, players came and went, but the game went on. Some would argue that fermented malted beverages played an unduly large role in Monkey Pool's inception, but there were sober, if somewhat unhinged, minds present. Elements of tragedy, loss, banishment, abandonment, familial piety, filial obligation, lifelong friendship, drunkenness and outright silliness were stewed together and gave birth to this new Art Form. The history of Monkey Pool is the history of humanity upon this small piece of solar driftwood. The future remains to be recorded Also does it remain to be played back at some later date to a massivity of people who neither know nor care where Monkey Pool originated. We must all do our part to keep this dream alive and viable.

Fascinating Subtleties