Wine Labels 2009





Yes, we had alien pond monsters in our pond last summer- Pectinatella Magnificae to be exact. After some research we discovered their purpose for wine-making and used them thusly.




This really explains it all. Thanks to our special consultant Michael H Payne for his verbiagical assistance.



Henri Infinit



Merlot back

Nebulous, ain't it?


A friend of us all-- Monsieur Pinot. Continental cousin to our own beloved "Mr. Peanut" he tends to booze it up more frequently, yet retains his earthy roots.

ZNA front
ZNA back

This is what I'm talking about... have been for years, really. LOL, anyone?


Wine Labels 2008





Once again we were faced with a deadline & nothing having been done to forstall such a thing. In such times one often must turn to artwork lying close at hand and seemingly made to order for the current problematicisms... The good ole "Eye Operation" drawing leaped up and gargled to a "tea" at that very moment. What a fortuitous happenstance, eh?




A book of Op Art provided the background and also fulfiled our constant desire to obfuscate the whole apparatus.



Truly nothing more to say: Our Founder.



Merlot back

Too much is oftentimes mistaken for too little, and lately that has become almost all-to-common within the cactus-strewn deserts of Baja California. Pictured shortly before his temporary temporal dissolution, and far beyond bifurcation, Henry relaxes near a several shrine.


Monkey Pool is now a wine as well as the hottest game that can be played on a pool table. On any kind of table, truth be told, and that's all we do here is tell the truth, so listen up!

ZNA front
ZNA back

Each bottle of Purple Monkey Pool Red also comes with a miniature book containing all the rules. These are also available free via the Postal System for your personable entreaty. Send for yours today.


Wine Labels 2007


You may recognize the setting for this mis en scenic wonder as the celebrated rooftop perch of the fine young artist-in-residence Rob Pepper and the lovely & talented L1f8'er Aimie who have at some time entertained upon these shores-- notably and bizzarely, if not inexplicably, in Texas.

There were Henries gathered upon and above their London flat at one time.

As a matter of fact all the time.

And we've received late news

They're good wine-drinkers, these folks from across the sea who came to our house while we were away but stayed to hoist a glass or two with us as winter deepend. It was time to get the band back together and so we did...


The first Christmas in our new abode was marked by excessive merriment on the part of several of the Henries (Henrys).

Qua Henri back



Merlot is a Mystery. And that's about all there is to that.

Merlot back
  My version of an alchemical drawing showing the inter-relationships among the elements that go into making a fine merum such as we have constructed herewith.

How would one explain the ZNA? Perhaps Dr. Corbo would be in a better position to fully elucidate. You may know him better as Don Hoe, as in Don Hoe and His Band of Favorites (both tunes and members). And if not, then forget I mentioned it.

Anyway, this wine is a

ZNA front
ZNA back

Wine Labels 2006


We begin with a Tres Henri Syrah featuring on the label an edited view of the painting "Adoration of the Henri" and a temporally redacted version of one of Betsy's doodley doo-hickems reflected in three different oceans.

This particular vintage has been squozen from Syrah grapes plucked from the Volckhardt Vineyard in Green Valley in Solano County and clocks in at 16.1% alcomohol and was fermented in 33% Chalufour Oak and 67% neutral. You won't find it anywhere but here so you're darn out of luck lessin' of course you'd like to stop by for a quick swig. We have a case or so left, so you'd best get your act together...

  Tres Henri front    
      Tres Henri bottle

And 'round the back of the bottle we look in on our three Henry Dog friends camped out on the steps of Cowboy Carl's (see below) Airstream enjoying the finely gritted afternoon breeze of Black Rock City after all the freaks have departed. Of course they've replaced Carl's usual jug of Paisano with a draught of their own eponymous vintage...

  Tres Henri back  


Tres Henri bottle
Crimzin Tide front

Who is the King of Kings Hill Cellars? Many have long pondered... Is it King's or Kings' or just Kings? Perhaps all who follow their heart and come to seek the evanescent joys of assisting the grapes in their desire to become wine deserve the title of King. Or Queen... or whatever.


No one knew, of course, that there is some sports team somewhere that calls itself the "crimson tide" but I must feel that is entirely beside the point and in no way detracts from the semi-cleverness of the name of the wine or the drawing. Said drawing now in the private collection of a certain "Dr. J".

Noted author and relative Michael H. Payne contributed the fine poem here... more of his work is available elsewhere.

The Zinfandel is from either the Westside Rd Vineyard or the Trew Vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County and kicks a bit of ass with 16% alcohol, hints of elderberry, jimson weed and hand-flattened pineapple buried in peat and sparkling with the dew from the Dawn of Creation. Upon further inspection you may find there was 33% Garonaise Oak involved. Please act accordingly...

Crimzin Tide back

Quaff, O Death, as grape transforms,

Transcendant, crushed, and turned to wine.

Our own lives, battered, chill with storms,

Are warmed to taste a death so fine.


-Michael H Payne


Death, some would tell us, is but a transformation- a shift from one state of being to another- essence liquified into eternity unfettered by a mortal frame. The Death of the Grape can be no different...

As we appreciate the Spirit of the Grape, perhaps in the same way the fermented juice of the fruits of our own labours will one day be savoured by Eternity Itself...



And then of course we have Cowboy Cab. What can one say that hasn't been said before? What stories can one tell that haven't been denied and refuted times out of and beyond memory? What dreams can one dare to dream that haven't already been smashed and shattered on the Rock of Truth and upon whose broken remnants which litter the path to all that is Good and Not-Quite-As-Good we must all trod?



Cowboy Cab front

Well all that aside, this is a pleasant if squalid little Cab that honors one of the "Heros of Burning Man" and all around Man With A Mission known as Cowboy Carl. It was back in 1998 that we started with the DPW making street signs and the only reason we didn't die or kill anyone was the copious amounts of extrememely cheap wine mixed with 7up and ice that we shared in Carl's teepee. When we brokered an Airstream deal to get him out of the rain and mud, his place in the fermament and fermented frivolity was assured. Or something...

Cowboy Cab back

And believe me when I tell you that you don't have to look much further than Kings Hill Cellars in order to fulfill your own wine-country dream and put the squeeze on some fruit to "get the job done" as you while away the hours until the inevitable springs upon you and closes its jaws down on your houseboat-like destiny. So come on up and we'll get you all sorted out. Yes?