Slicing the Life.

Apparently it is a damn thin slice of life at this vegan eatery. This hanging, though expected to malinger for a couple months, was cut short due to the adverse reaction of the clientele and the owner of the restauraunt. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the art-loving public, but realize that gastronomic distress could result from the viewing of these "artworks" by the unwashed, freshly scrubbed and anemic fun-loving public of Sebastopol, many of whom are unaccustomed to such things and we thank the Slice for the brief chance to offer to the good people this brief glimpse of the width, breadth and depth of the human soul.

Art and Food do not mix.

When one is dining in such a fashion as often occurs in certain establishments, it behooves one to focus on the meal at hand and not be distracted by too much in the way of visual input. The olfactory keeps "churning out the cheese," so to speak, and one's sense of place can be disgorged by a train of thought having been canvassed and propped above the table whereupon one is found to be doing one's best to "move the bolus," as it were.

Nutcracker Esophogus.

I was told everyone "liked" my paintings, they just were "too much" on second thought. I was fain to find at least some thought process, but now realize that it is too much to expect eating and thinking to go hand in hoof in mouth. "Too challenged" is how some put it, though now that it's been put it cannot be found. Try looking in the last place you put it, which was back on my own personal walls where it can cause no irrational fear to be produced in the "mucus membrane" of the heart and soul of the world-weary and entroughic hygienecists of the finer structures of societal norms.

Thank you.