Here are a few facts and fictions to mull at your leisure...

TOM PAYNE (is my name)

1986-1988 Orange Coast College-- Costa Mesa, CA
1988-1991 Academy of Art College-- San Francisco, CA

1992-1994 Sega Technical Institue - Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, B-Bomb (unreleased), Spinny & Spike (unreleased)
1994-1997 LucasArts Entertainment - Big Sky Trooper, Super Return of the Jedi, Dark Forces, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures, Yoda Stories


2008 Slice of Life, Sebastopol, CA - 2 Days, Ten pieces - "Please come and take these down"
2007 Some Hair Place, Occidental, CA - 1 painting on display for awhile
2007 Frame of Mind, Forestville, CA - group show- "Ten Year Anniversary"
2006 Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA - group juried exhibit- "Journeys"
2006 Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA-group juried exhibit- "Small Works"
2004 Frame of Mind, Forestville, CA - solo show
2003 Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA-group juried exhibit, "Fortune" - Merit Award
2003 Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA - Student Spring Art Exhibit
1991 Academy of Art College Spring Show, San Francisco, CA
1991 Society of Illustrators Annual Scholarship Competition, New York, NY
1990 Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA - Spring Show, Best Intermediate Illustration

I grew up in the hazy environs of Southern California, so to speak. We moved to Newport Beach the day after my sixth birthday. The wide, sandy shore and the immeasurable vastness of the ocean kept me company. I was not born with a pencil in my hand, nor did I constantly draw as a child or any of that, as far as I can remember. I did draw airplanes and the Evil Dr. Frankweiler and things of that sort, but what child doesn't? It was only in my last year of high school that, inspired by Ralph Steadman, Heinrich Kley and other art books my father had around the house that I began to realize I had some talent in this direction- I realized I could escape into drawings, using them to break down reality into bits I could digest, and that I could reorganize the symbols being constantly hurled at me from various quarters, including, of course, "the man." I had to get out of the Southland, so I took a ride on the Reading Railroad to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, before it became a University. I majored in illustration and I learned some things from Barron Storrey and Bill Shields there...

After quitting the art school thing, I got a job at a slice of the Sega Video Game Factory called "The Sega Technical Institute" for a year and a half, working on such hits as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Spinball. I quit that joint and headed for LucasArts a couple years later. There I worked on many hits & misses: Dark Forces, Big Sky Trooper, Super Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures, Yoda Stories. I get emails from people in Spain asking to interview me about my work at Sega, but I can't remember most of it. (I did go to Spain and meet Senor Ice Knight. We had a lovely time and I still don't remember much about what I did back then...)

I quit the computer game biz with a desire to create actual real physical objects, id est: paintings. I took a brief hiatus (mid-life crisis - see the MyopticVisions drawings for full disclosure) to get my act together. I worked for Burning Man in 1998 and 1999. It was, as everything is, fun at first until you glimpse the sordid underbelly that hangs over your braincase. We were near-founding members of the DPW. We glued together all the street signs in 1998, then Betsy and I hand painted and constructed all the street signs in 1999. We were accused of spending twice as much money as we did. But money often disappeared out there in the desert it seemed. Dig it.

I moved to Sonoma County and started oil painting late in 2002, taking a few classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College to get things rolling. I discovered that oil is "where it's at." Pen & ink has always been the thing, but oil is the blastocyst, no question.

I am "interested in the spaces between line and form, real and imaginary, accident and purpose, defined and mysterious--figures that turn into landscapes and landscapes that become figures" it says here... how odd. I see things wrong (I also hear things wrong), and that's what the "deal" is apparently.

I still draw and paint and make wine and wander about. Time continues to become a burgeoning apparatus. The wild turkeys are closing in and there is very little time left of time. So we may as well "do right" and "come about" in the appropriate manner.

Blah blah, crappy crap. And cetera. Aliusque tambien.

References available upon request.

"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair."

-HL Menken